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Afenifere support group condemns killing of Yoruba monarchs

An Afenifere Support Group, Concern Omo Yoruba Worldwide, (COYW) has condemned the killing of two Yoruba monarchs in Ekiti state, describing it as unacceptable.


The group stated in a statement issued and signed by its leader, Akogun Tunde Omololu, General Secretary, Dr Olusola Bakin, Publicity Secretary Comrade Idowu M Adeyinka and the Assistant Secretary, Comrade Folarin Adesida.

COYW pleaded with Oodua People Congress, OPC and Agbekoya to complement security across the region.

According to the group, “The recent killing of two Yoruba Kings from Ekiti State is unacceptable by the Group.

“The Southwest Governors should take security challenge across the region very serious, encourage the governors to continue funding Amotekun and work with key stakeholders like OPC and Agbekoya to complement security across the region.

The group urged “the federal to go after those sponsoring insecurity across the country, name and prosecute them by the law.

“We equally advised the Federal govt to quickly begin the reformations promised to Nigerians especially on State or Regional policing.

“The Concern Omo Yoruba Worldwide reminded both the Federal Government and Subnational Govt about their basic and purpose of govt in accordance to “Nigeria Constitution Section 14(2) (b) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 declares that the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.

“In this declaration, the security and welfare of the people are conjunctively presented as a sole purpose’’.

Speaking on the abrogation of Acting leader’s role, in Afenifere, the group, back Pa Reuben Fasoranti “for transferring the responsibilities and authority of advising the substantive Afenifere leader to Afenifere Elders Caucus.

They said that the “Concern Omo Yoruba Group is more interested about the Yoruba national interest than Individuals’ interest.

“We thank the Afenifere leadership for putting the entire Yoruba national interest above individuals’ interest.

“The Concern Omo Yoruba Group is solidly behind Afenifere Elders Caucus for their wisdom to place Yoruba national interest above all, by taking this bold decision to reform and reposition Afenifere.

They advised Afenifere Elders Caucus to continue with good works, and always stick on wider consensus in reaching a decision and agreement for the benefit Yoruba interest.

Also, they reminded the Afenifere leadership to always put in mind the Yoruba citizens both in Nigeria and Diaspora will be happy to see the Elders Caucus of Afenifere reaching consensus in decisions taken in the interests and for the benefit of the entire Yorubaland.

“We would strongly advise against the notion of a splitter or factional group within the fold of Afenifere.

“Any such notion is condemnable as it will further polarise and make Yoruba a laughingstock in Nigeria. Let us be guided please”.

On CBN moving its supervising Department on Commercial Banks to Lagos state, the group advised the northern politicians against politicizing the issue.

While condemning those Northerners trying to politicize the issue “to look as if the President is trying to move Nigeria’s Capital back to Lagos State.

“The Concern Omo Yoruba Worldwide would like to reiterate; Abuja is the only Nigeria capital that belongs to all Nigerians, and Nigerians are free to reside anywhere in the country regardless of wherever they come from in the country”.


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