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We’ll continue to make them restless, continue to hit them hard, Fubara promises detractors

…Rejects list of CTC for Rivers PDP


Governor Siminalayi Fubara, has promised to continue to make detractors of his administration restless, just as he will continue to hit them hard.

The Rivers State Governor described the purported list of Caretaker Committee members for Rivers chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that included loyalists of Nyesom Wike Minister of Federal Capital Territory circulating in the national and social media as fake.

Fubara said the list is a handiwork of cheap publicity seekers and agents of crisis, who should know that their imagination will not stand, explaining that the national leadership of the party had met recently and agreed that in States where the tenure of PDP Executives had expired, they should continue to maintain the officers as Caretakers for the next three months.

That decision, Governor Fubara clarified, which awaits ratification by the National Executive Council (NEC), did not approve that new names should be added to the already existing number of officers, or any subsisting officer(s) removed.

“I know that a lot of you saw something flying in the social media, dailies.

“Let me brief you, we had a meeting, and we agreed that, not just in Rivers State, but in all the States affected, that the Executive Councils (of PDP) should be extended for three months.

“This extension is not meant to bring in new names. The extension also did not say that you are working without the authority of the Governor. So, for those lists that you saw and those ones altered, I can assure you that they are not going to stand.”

Governor Fubara pointed out that: “For record purposes, so that you will understand, we also agreed that there is going to be a NEC meeting on the 18th of this month (April) that should ratify that decision.

“So, what you are seeing is the handiwork of desperate people who like media publicity. In fact, empty drums make loudest noise. So, don’t bother about anything. Nothing is happening.”

Fubara alluded to the fear that has come upon his detractors given the warning he issued a day ago that he will surprise those who dare him and vowed to continue to make them feel restless.

The Governor said Rivers State remains a very important state to protect, which is why his Administration chose the path of peace in order to engender progress.

“You can see how restless they have been since I made just one statement, yesterday. We will continue to make them restless.

“They won’t know where we are coming from. We will also continue to hit them hard the way we hit them, yesterday. So, those of you who were worried when you saw those lists that were flying, go and rest, nothing is happening.”

Commenting on the Port Harcourt International Automobile Spare Parts Trading and Commercial Centre project, Governor Fubara said he was delighted to make another significant impact on strategic governance in the State.

Governor Fubara emphasised that the project was evidence of his genuine interest in the wellbeing of Rivers people, and the desire to promote growth, not because of any personal or business interest.

The Governor explained that when he assumed office, the initial partners of the project were invited, and after extensive discussion and the reasons they gave for the delay, it was decided to relieve them of the job.

He clarified that the former project partners had been paid off before GOSH Project Limited was engaged adding that they have no reason not to deliver on schedule.

The Governor said, “We are not just coming here to flag-off the project, we want to see it completed in reality. That is what we stand for. Not coming to flag-off, and tomorrow, it doesn’t work, and it is stalled.

“We are not part of that. We are not into show business. We are not here to dance. We are here to work, and you will see it.

“We are a government that believes in the well-being and growth of our State genuinely. Not because we own any business around here, not because we have shops that we intend renting here, but we seek the growth of Rivers State.”

Governor Fubara advised the project partners to ensure that every commitment is made for the successful delivery of the project on schedule.

“We have done everything that we need to do. We have settled the initial partners who defaulted. So, you don’t have any issue going on with this project. It is a mark of our level of commitment to our dear people. The community will need your support.

“At the time that this centre will be properly put in place, it will change the economic status of this environment. People will be employed, businesses will strive, and for those of you that are landlords, you will have more tenants and you will also increase your house rents.”

In his address, the Acting Administrator of Greater Port Harcourt City Development Authority, Dr. Tonte Davies, said the groundbreaking that signalled commencement of construction of the project marks a significant milestone in furthering the interest and welfare of Rivers people.

The project, when completed, Dr Davies enthused, will end the era of indiscriminate conduct of auto mechanics’ activities in parts of the State because there will be a one-stop-shop to accommodate all operations.

“Today’s event is very unique in the sense that it reaffirms the interest of your government in the welfare of its citizens.

“For us in Greater Port Harcourt City Development Authority, the 20,000-housing unit development, and now, this International Automobile Spare Parts Trading and Commercial Centre is a significant historic moment.

Providing a description of the project, the Chief Executive Officer of GOSH Projects Limited, Mr Okoh Jeff, said there are 10,000 locked-up shops, 25 banking facilities, 25 brand plaza, 50 industrial warehouses, 10,000 car parks, and mega filling stations.

There are also ultramodern shopping complex, ultramodern mechanic complex, hotel facilities, export and import trading facilities, while the project will be completed in 36 months.


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