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Tinubu’s policies not suitable for Nigerians —  SDP’s Adebayo

The 2023 presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Adewole Adebayo, said President Bola Tinubu’s economic policies are not suitable for Nigerians.

The SDP presidential candidate who submitted in an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, argued that the method of the Tinubu government was not correct.

Adebayo said, “He (Tinubu) has the right team but what he wants to do is not correct.”

“If I were to be Nigeria’s President, I wouldn’t remove petrol subsidy from day one as President but would have approached the National Assembly to amend the 2023 Appropriation Act to allow subsidy for a while.”

Adebayo said, “These policies are not good, not because of the party that is announcing them but because they are not suitable to us.”

He added that any of the presidential candidates in the last poll who adopted the policies of the incumbent would have gotten the same results evident in the country at the moment.

“It doesn’t matter whom you put there, this will be the outcome once you adopt these policies,” he said.

The SDP former flagbearer said the three major issues confronting the Tinubu administration were cost of governance, the issue of subsidies and forex.

Adebayo noted that the reforms of the incumbent come with some benefits such as more income to the government and more income to the foreign exchange, adding that, but the country was “not structurally prepared for the advertised benefits.”

He said the gains of the policies were less to the pains, noting that the Tinubu government should be “less arrogant” to do the right thing to provide succor for suffering Nigerians.

Recall that Nigeria has been faced with the challenge of  rising inflation, food inflation, forex crisis, economic hardship and high cost of living occasioned by the removal of petrol subsidy, attracting protests in parts of the country.

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