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Tinubu reneges on campaign promise of restructuring — DD-G Northern elders forum

Deputy Director-General of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Professor Sadiq Gombe, has criticized the practice of leaders making promises without fulfilling them, citing President Bola Tinubu’s campaign promise of restructuring, which has not seen progress about a year into his tenure.


Gombe made this assertion at a gathering of leaders of ethnic nationalities organized by The Rebirth Group at the Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, to discuss the theme: “Nigeria from the founding fathers to the prodigal sons and daughters, the challenges of Nation Building and Development.”

He emphasized the need for a reform of the electoral system and value system, while urging Nigerians to prioritize electing leaders based on competence rather than dwelling on issues of ethnicity and religion.

Gombe also identified the elite as a problem, stressing the need for a consensus among them on the kind of progress the nation should have. He cautioned against stereotyping certain tribes as the problem, advocating instead for unity among good people to fight against bad elements in the country.

Expressing concern over the policies of the present administration, Gombe noted that despite the vast experience of the president, vice president, chief of staff, and others occupying leadership positions, Nigerians continued to suffer hardship.

Gombe emphasized the need for leaders with character, competence, and capacity, as well as a focus on good governance and leadership, rather than ethnicity or religion, to rescue Nigeria from its current challenges.

In conclusion, Gombe disagreed with condemnations of the 1999 constitution as ineffective, stating that the problem lies with those operating the constitution.

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