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Septuagenarian gang raped by Yahoo-boys in Delta

A septuagenarian granny residing at Urban area in the ancient city of Sapele local government area of Delta state has been allegedly gang raped by suspected yahoo boys.


The boys whose numbers could not be ascertained Friday dawn reportedly broke into the woman’s apartment to perpetrate the dastardly act.

At press time, there were reports that the woman was bleeding profusely.

Community sources revealed that rape of old woman living with their grand and great grandchildren had become trendy among suspected yahoo boys in the ancient city of Sapele and other parts of the state.

A female staff of the Delta state university of Education, Agbor in Ika area explained that for safety of their aged mother they had to quickly move her to her daughter’s house in Agbor after their father who was her husband passed on.

“The boys have become another thing. They now go in group to rape old women living with their grandchildren.

“We had to move my mum in Agbor to her daughters house for fear that she could be a target after my dad passed on,” the staff said.

A resident of Sapele said it was all about rituals for money.

”The boys have started relocating to villages where more of these old women reside. What will make a boy in his 20s want to climb an old woman if not for rituals”, he queried.

Speculations were rife that the new wave among yahoo boys could be another angle to money rituals.

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