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By Adedapo Adewale Temitayo

As it is written, “Man shall not live by bread alone,” but our generation solely predicated its existence on material possessions. Our intrinsic worth has been reduced to the crumbs that our environment has to offer us.


Those with vision only see through their cupidity for money, and the leaders of tomorrow have been swept away by the tides of external trivial trends and pursuits.

Adults compete with the destinies of those who are not even aware of their existence. We are created in His image (Imago Dei), but we still naively place our validation on the greatness of mere mortals like us, and we go further to inherit their perceptions about things they’ve so little idea about.

Love, marriage, and trust are being unapologetically bastardized.

This generation of youth has rationed the truth.

There is low conscientiousness among them, and they have honed themselves to be mobile artifacts of pleasure to the point that they are consumed by it unashamedly.

Feminists chew on the patriarchs and digest them to hate them, while the matriarchs are the blameless ones who clean the vase of holy with no blemishes.

They never bite their tongues; they are the perfect mortal genre.

They are the ones who can do no wrong because they tend to God’s court.

Men are valueless; pleasure is their middle name, and their common ground is that their definition of living a purposeful life is based on how much money they’ve acquired and how many chillout types of ladies they’ve slingshot.

They find their happiness in different material substances, and their overt and extreme love of money has buried their true purpose in the deepest chasm of mundane things. We claim to respect God, but we despise His word and rebel against His precepts. Who gives us the sponge to wipe the entire horizon?

With our souls and spirits straying away into infinite nothingness, the murkiest minds fight for justice while we have lost our sense of direction. Brilliant, carnal minds have coined different ideologies out of the abundance of self-acclaimed knowledge they claim to wield, which was created for the singular purpose of guiding humanity, but they insanely appreciate these ideologies above humanity.

Who is to blame? The receiver of knowledge, or the giver? Individualism is uniquely abused, freedom is grossly resented, and free will is bastardized. Why were we created? We are short on answers, yet we think we know them all. Who is deceiving whom?

I beseech this generation to retrace our steps back to our natural foundation and discover our true earthly purpose.

Let us stand at the edge of reality and think through the prism of rationality and sensibility. Let us be less fatuous and celebrate excellence, not mediocrity.

We are on this planet by accident, and we are not here just to live out our entire lives in bubbles of pleasure. Let us initiate willpower to be advocates of love, peace, equity, and justice with a concerted effort.

We are the salt and light of the world and the embodiments of greatness. Let us exude this character with grace. Time is a loan, and eternity is a gift. You are a mere trustee of your life; you don’t own it. Make use of it judiciously. Accountability is inevitable.



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