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Inflation takes noodles off Children’s menu

Some parents in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Friday said they have cut off noodles from their household menu as the price of the commodity continues to increase.


The parents said this in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Friday.

They said that their children’s favourite fast food was becoming unaffordable, hence the need for them to look for an alternative.

Hajiya Hauwa Bakari, a mother and a teacher, said that she used to prepare noodles for her children to take to school every Friday and to Islamic school on Sundays.

Bakari, however, said that the recent increase in the price of the item had made her change to other available food in the house.

“The last carton we bought before the present increase was N6, 000, for indomie noodles.

“By the time I went to get the same item after two weeks, it had increased to N8, 400.

“Now I learnt that the price is N18, 000 and above for the medium size of indomie noodles, while minimie noodles is N16, 000.

“I know it is one of my children’s favourite foods but with the way things are going, I cannot afford it so they have to eat whatever is available at home,’’ she said.

Bakari said that noodles have become a luxury for the ordinary Nigerian.

Mrs Kemi Samuel, a mother of four, said that she has decided to cut off noodles from her list of groceries, because it now looks like a waste of resources and unnecessary.

Samuel said that she would rather buy and cook more spaghetti with enough vegetables for the family, rather than using so much money on noodles that digests in no time.

She said that the decision was timely, since her children depended too much on noodles as it was easy to make.

Miss Rose Yakubu, a student, however, said that the high cost of noodles would not deter her from eating it.

Yakubu said that she liked the food, not because it is easy and fast to prepare, but because it saves her from buying other food ingredients to cook a proper meal.

“If I have to cook rice for instance, I will have to buy oil, meat or fish, seasoning and vegetables, which I may not have enough money for,’’ she said.

A shop owner, Mr Shefiyu Abubakar, said that not many people can afford to buy noodles from his shop anymore.

He attributed this to the increase in the price of the commodity and the fact that many would prefer to buy other foodstuffs.

Abubakar said that the price for the hungry man indomie pack is between N18, 000 to N19, 000 per carton, while the smallest size sells for N10, 500.

“These prices were far lower in January and suddenly increased because of the inflation in the country.

“It is our prayers that the prices of food go down soonest else, many may not be able to afford a meal per day,” Abubakar said.

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