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Equity, justice, fairness steps, Arewa group lauds Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu has been applauded over bold steps taken towards ensuring equity, justice and fairness in his service to the nation.


The Convener, Arewa New Agenda, ANA, Senator Ahmed Moallahyidi, in a statement on Sunday, hailed Tinubu over decisive steps taken.

He said: “In our effort to promote the continuing prominence, relevance, involvement and participation of “the north” in national socio-political and economic activities through our vision of a Nigeria where the north is capable, vibrant and takes ownership of its future, we continue to add our voice in the promotion of social harmony and peaceful coexistence in our great country Nigeria.

“A little over two weeks ago, the Tinubu Administration took over the helm of affairs following the victory and swearing-in of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

“Arewa New Agenda has followed with keen interest how the administration has approached and put forward its intention to provide leadership and discharge the responsibility of governance.

“President Tinubu has in two weeks exhibited the ability to tackle key issues in the country by taking some tough decisions.

“Many commentators have spoken about this new breath of ‘Governance-fresh-air’ it is not out of place for us to revisit some of the popular decisions and actions the President has taken in his less than three weeks of being President.

“The President made eight appointments of special advisers. The announcement was greeted with nationwide acceptance and jubilation- including even opposition circles. There has been no single voice of dissent!

“ANA had posited in one of its public comments that “Two things will define Tinubu’s Presidency as a success or failure: What he does to insecurity and what he does to corruption. Why? Because these maladies are the two burning issues in the country today which if not taken down will take down the country or perhaps better put, will burn down the nation.”

He added that, “We shall dwell on these two by x-raying how the President has signalled his intention to tackle the twin menace of security and corruption; as this forms the bedrock of this press statement tagged “Taking the right steps in the right direction-the case of the appointments of Sen. George Akume, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, and others.

“The excitement following the appointment of the special adviser on security is still reverberating around the country; there is a palpable feeling that we will get it right this time!”

He expressed that with Ribadu’s track record while he served as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, there is hope to drastically reduce the current challenge of pervading insecurity.

“In the face, the sterling qualities exhibited by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu in and out of Government, ANA hastens to observe that staying safe and secure in Nigeria, is one the most immediate needs of many Nigerians; therefore, the sensitivity and anxiety attached to the arrival of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu is a component of the ‘Renewed Hope”, he added.

Moallahyidi referenced that within the few weeks of Tinubu sworn in as Nigeria’s President, he has been able to bring renewed hope to Nigeria; ending the scam called fuel subsidy; quelled planned nationwide strike; a single Naira exchange rate; various meetings with heads of strategic agencies; visit to strategic defense intelligence and security institutions; a trade surplus confirmed by industry watchers; boost in stock market; relative peace in the country; tasked economic council on that pragmatic economic reforms; signing of Students’ Loan Bill into Act; moves on releasing subsidy removal palliatives; stabilizing National Assembly leadership; appointment of Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Chief of Staff, CoS, Spokesman, and other eight appointments.

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