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Electricity tariff: Know your feeder band

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission on Wednesday approved a sharp increase in electricity tariffs for customers classified under Band A.


According to Musliu Oseni, the Vice Chairman of NERC, customers in this category will now be charged N225 per kilowatt-hour (KW/h), a significant rise from the previous rate of N66.

Band A customers are those who receive 20-24 hours of electricity supply daily.

Subscribers under Band B enjoy 16 to 20 hours of power supply, while those in Band C receive 12 to 16 hours daily.

Band D subscribers benefit from eight to 12 hours of power supply each day, and Band E subscribers only receive four to eight hours of electricity supply daily.

However, the tariff increment has sparked controversies regarding the classification of subscribers, with many fearing they may be charged more than their actual consumption.

Below is a simple guide to help customers figure out which electricity feeder band they’re in according to the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company:

How to know your electricity feeder band

  1. Visit www.ikejaelectric.com.
  2. Click on customer service
  3. Click on Customer feeder information
  4. Click on customer feeder verification
  5. Enter your account or meter number to verify your feeder details.
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