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Electricity Hike: Experts call for comprehensive review of energy policies to ensure affordability, sustainability

Power experts have called on the Federal Government to comprehensively review energy policies which will ensure affordability and sustainability for all Nigerians.


Mr Chinedu Bosah, in his case, also urged the government to review the 300 per cent increase in electricity tariff, recently introduced by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Bosah, National Coordinator, Coalition for Affordable and Regular Electricity (CARE), made the appeal in an interview with Newsmen on Sunday in Lagos.

According to him, the 300 per cent tariff hike was not consumer friendly and therefore urged labour unions to open discussion on it with the government.

He also urged the government to reconsider its decision to raise gas prices, saying it would ultimately increase the cost of electricity for consumers.

Bosah emphasised the burden placed on Nigerian working-class families by successive policy decisions, noting that the hike could add to the economic challenges in the country.

According to him, private power companies and the government should find ways to address challenges in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution.

Dr Akinrolabu Olukayode, Chairman of the Customer Consultative Forum of Festac/Satellite Town, described the tariff hike as detrimental to consumers’ living standards.

Olukayode said that there was a need for proactive government investment in the power sector to improve infrastructure and service delivery.

He highlighted the challenges faced by consumers due to frequent power grid collapses and the reliance on expensive fuel for backup power generation.

Olukayode also condemned the increase in gas prices, arguing that it would further burden consumers already struggling with rising costs.

He suggested alternative policies, such as selling gas in local currency to boost revenue and alleviate pressure on consumers.

Olukayode called for a restructuring of the energy sector to allow regions/states more control over their resources.

The expert warned of the dire consequences of continued tariff hikes and called for measures to protect consumers from further economic hardship.

Recall, on April 3, Mr Musiliu Oseni, the Vice Chairman of NERC, Musiliu Oseni, announced the increase of 300 per cent electricity tariff for Band A consumers in the country.

Oseni said the increase would only affect 15 per cent of the electricity customers in the country.

Accordingly, power distribution companies (DisCos) will be allowed to raise electricity prices to N225 ($0.15) per kilowatt-hour from N68 for urban consumers this month effectively from April 1.

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