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Economic hardship confronting Nigerians, unprecedented — Ex-Students’ leader, Ayenuro

…Lamented Tinubu has failed Nigerians


The economic hardship being experienced by Nigerians is said to be unprecedented in the history of the country.


A former Students’ Union leader in Ondo State, Timileyin Ayenuro, who so submitted in a statement made available to journalists in Akure, the Ondo state capital on Sunday, lamented that President Bola Tinubu has failed to fulfil his electioneering promises by introducing poor economic policies.

Ayenuro called on the President to find a solution to the hardship in the land, adding that the present administration has left millions of Nigerians struggling to make ends meet.

According to him, President Tinubu’s promise not to fail the people of the country in carrying out a permanent transformation of the nation’s economy to enduring prosperity has been neglected.

Ayenuro said there is a need to stabilise the power sector, and said this will go a long way towards bringing things back to normal and reducing the rate of unemployment in the country

He condemned the Tinubu administration for failing to fulfil all his electoral promises, especially the promise to restore stable electricity in the country, saying the drive for foreign investments cannot succeed without critical infrastructure like electricity.

Ayenuro expressed disappointment with the present administration, saying despite all the assurances to ensure stable and accessible’ power, they were not fulfilled, saying the present team ruling the country are clueless and should not hesitate to step down.

He said, “If President Tinubu is sincere in turning Nigeria around for positive development, he should directly supervise the Ministry of Power and focus on the permanent solution to Nigeria’s electricity.

“With President Tinubu’s direct supervision, more funds should be allocated to the power sector to ensure stable Electricity in the country and If he fails to do this, he should resign honourably.

“The hardship in Nigeria is too much; Nigerians are really suffering because of Tinubu’s poor economic policies. The increase in the cost of food and other items is making it tough for Nigerians to purchase essential goods.

“Many businesses have collapsed as a result of the harsh economic situation in the country. Unemployment has pushed many young people into crime.

“Nigerians are suffering, and all of these sufferings are avoidable. But they impose bad policies. Tinubu’s policies have compounded the problems.

“Anyone who cares about Nigeria shouldn’t have removed subsidies; Tinubu should have done it gradually and not like a bomb blast,” he said.

Ayenuro said Nigeria had never experienced such hardship, emphasising that the country’s main issue was incompetent leaders.

He called on the federal government to take steps to address the rising cost of food in the country, urging the federal government to tackle the power sector and the fuel hike.

He urged the federal government to address the power sector and expressed optimism that every other sector, including security, education, and industries, will grow.

He also called for a deliberate and strategic approach to address the reputation challenges facing Nigerian products, noting that there is no better time than now to deliberate on how to promote locally made goods.

Ayenuro said the patronage of made-in-Nigeria products would boost domestic production, promote technology transfer, have a positive impact on GDP performance, and open doors for employment.


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