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Debt, the problem left by Wike, Fubara blows lid

Rivers governor, Siminalayi Fubara on Tuesday said that if there is one problem his administration has, it is debt.


Fubara who spoke during the inauguration of the Aleto-Ogale-Ebubu-Eteo Road, also known as Old Bori Road in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers said the debt left behind for him by Wike is already becoming a burden.

He revealed that many contractors have been approaching him for payments of contracts commissioned as completed by his predecessor, Nyesom Wike.

Fubara however, said he was pushed to reveal the burden of debts he inherited because his predecessor continued to push him to talk.

The Governor added that he also decided to talk to let the people know that one of the problems inherited by his administration is humongous debts.

Fubara said contractor are coming to demand for balance of payment of contracts running into billions.

He added that henceforth, he would be appearing on project inaugurations with the white papers to show the cost of projects

He described the road commissioned by Governor Alex Oti of Abia State as a demonstration of his support for the Federal Government.

Fubara said: “As we are going, we will be going with the white paper to show the records and the amount of the projects. It was awarded at the cost of N6.7bn. I can say that we have paid the contractor completely.

“The purpose of this is to let the world know that if there is one problem this administration has is debt. Most of the projects that are commissioned they are coming for their balanced payment running into billions.

“I said I don’t want to talk because I am part of the system. But when you continue to push me, I will say it so that they will see the yansh of the fowl.

“Aleto is a bypass that if you cannot assess the East-West Road, it can take you away from the bad section to the good section of the East-West Road. Is what we are doing today not a help to the Federal Government and a show that this government has interest and the support and is doing everything to make the Federal government succeed?

“So when people come and say funny things, I start laughing. It is not social media; we are talking about actions. We are taking actions that make positive impacts in the lives of out people”.

The governor who expressed appreciation to the people of Eleme for their support in in seeing the project through also explained why he invited Governor Alex Otti of Abia State to inaugurate the project.

The Rivers State Governor said his Abia State counterpart is a man with real integrity.

He said: “Why did I invite the governor of Abia State? I invited him because he is not an artificial integrity man. He is an action integrity man. He is not the one that they will gather because they just want to talk. He is a man who came in the face of difficulties and challenges just like we have here and is making impact in the lives of Abians”.

He added philosophically that that his administration cannot fight the Federal Government because Federal Government is not using any instrument to frustrate him.

“We are talking of the Federal government that is giving us support but the rat in the House is eating the bag of garri. So, you can imagine such situation. So, I will continue to identify with good governance.”


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